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Our team will ensure that every order is delivered safely to our customers, and we will work tirelessly to produce art pieces that people will appreciate and hopefully treasure for years to come.

Our Mission

To create beautiful souvenirs of the best value and quality which are loved by our customers.

Great Customer Service

A professional and prompt service. Orders are honoured quickly with fast communication.

High Quality Design

Unique artworks adorn our products that are made from the best possible materials we can source.

After 2 years of discussion, the decision was finally made to give Woolly Willow a go. After working on several other projects together, for many years, this felt like the next step.

It was to be another full year to produce our first results and have physical products in our hands.

Combining our strengths, we feel that the souvenir market can be improved upon, and that our lead product of PVC playing cards, shows we are bringing the latest improvements in playing card materials and adding our personality and flair to the market.

The stunning artwork provided by Victoria (a mixture of sketches, paintings, and graphically designed), along with sheer persistence and belief of Andrew in the benefits and value in PVC playing cards, has led to what we hope are very well received items. 

Having had the playing cards for several months – our first retail exposure saw them swiftly stocked on Edinburgh’s Princes Street. Our first sale to a caravan owner, proved their worth when the the next visitors cheekily went home with the pack! Another sale to work colleague, saw him return a week later to buy a pack for a friend who lives in the USA.

We wish to give back, by making donations for every item sold, and we are in this for the long haul. 

With Munro window clings, we aim to produce these as fast as we possibly can. We have chosen 9 popular mountains to begin with, and with your help and feedback, we will push ahead with more. We are aiming for the complete collection !

Will will be making donations to various groups and charities that maintain the pathways, or that help wildlife in the areas surrounding the Munro’s. We also hope to offer some fun and gamesmanship to the bagging Munro’s, give back to popular sites that give vital advice on climbing these tricky hills, and the stickers feel like a fun way to achieve this.

With so many ideas for magnets, coasters, tea towels and other popular items – we hope our initial products are received well.

Our expansion and vision knows no bounds. We are ridiculously enthusiastic, we welcome and appreciate all follows, feedback and comments.

Andy & Torrie

Our Team

Andrew WhitefordMerchandise & Sales
Victoria GorbylyovaArtist & Social Media
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