We wish to grow and see stickers of Munro’s spread far and wide. We know that climbers come from all across the world (we’ve met a few) to visit our beautiful country and also to see the spectacular views and nature that Scotland’s Munro’s have to offer.

One of the exciting things about climbing a Munro is… that’s it not easy. Many start with the expectation that it is a quick jaunt but do some research and prepare well.

One of the best thing about doing a Munro is that it is fun, whether as a group of friends or family, or by yourself – the sense of achievement felt, is both immediate and infectious.

We want you to show-off and to issue to challenge to others. Encourage more people to stay healthy and visit these beautiful mountains.

The stickers are a badge to say you’ve done a Munro. Put it on your car, your bedroom window, your kitchen window – somewhere you can remind yourself and others of that day, and how awesome you are!

So, if you want to post of picture of yourself at the summit of a Munro on your social media platform, follow and tag us – then we’ll send you out a sticker… for free!

Boring terms and condition: This is a good faith promotion. If there are a few of you in picture – then each additional sticker is half price to cover the donations we are making. We’ll cover the postage. Just send us a Direct Message or email.

We reserve the right to re-post / share your Instagram or Twitter tweets where you tag us, but if that isn’t OK then let us know and we’ll delete it.

Munro’s must be done after October 1st 2021  (I know, just as weather turns) but maybe… just maybe.. you can come on the Munro Bagging journey with us. We will keep this promotion going well into 2022 so there will plenty of time, and plenty to climb. Offer open to first 500 tags and follows.

We have window clings for 9 Munro’s (all very accessible and popular), each are beautiful and unique hand drawn depictions and there will be more to follow.

Contact us with any queries, if not we expect your tag very soon! 😀

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