Woolly Willow Ltd. aim to process and ship all orders within 48 hours of them being placed.

We use Royal Mail for all small orders (under £30). For larger orders we will add in free recorded postage (UK).

Please our full shipping costing list which will cover most orders:


For large orders overseas order, if and when – we will check if there are cheaper methods than royal mail. 

We will check and if we can save with alternative courier, then we will offer refund, further donation, or extra goods.

But for most orders Royal Mail will be used.

Please do Contact Us for any Shipping queries.



When your item has been posted you will receive email notification. 

Proof of Postage will be kept for reassurance, (Royal Mail offer compensation for lost or damaged items) and this will also allow us to inform any customer queries as to approximately when an item will arrive. 

Any reported missing or lost items we will investigate immediately – with a view to getting you your items as soon as possible.


Playing Cards 

Each packs weighs approx. 150 grams. and 1 pack is classed as ‘large letter’.

  • As of October 2021 the first class postage and packaging cost on one pack of cards is £1.99 UK and then £2.50 UK postage for 2 or 3 packs.
  • We are including UK postage and packaging cost into the price of playing cards.

We are selling at price point below what we feel shops should charge, and thus negating the postage our customers must pay to encourage sales.

Postage cost to other countries:

USA and Canada (6-7 days max postage time) 1 pack of cards = cost £6.00 and USA 2 or 3 packs £8.50.

So, to the customer, 1 pack we will add £4 shipping and for 2 or 3 packs we will add £6.50. 

Adding a second or third pack reduces the overall cost per pack for the customer. We are doing buy 2 get 3 packs!

Europe 1 pack of cards = cost £4.00 and Europe 2 or 3 packs = cost £5.50.

So, for 1 pack we will add £2 shipping at checkout and for 2 or 3 packs we will add £3.50 at checkout.

Each European country has slightly different costings but we will go with the above average for now.

Australia (zone 2, 6-7 days) 1 pack of cards postage is £7.00 and 2 or 3 packs is £10.00. This is large letter under 250 grams and then under 750grams.

For one pack we will add £5 at cart, for 2 or 3 packs additional £8 postage. Buy 2 packs and get 3rd free!

Australia postcards or stickers is £2.70. This is for 1 to approx 5 or 6 small items, before becomes a ‘large letter’. And will become £7.00 for more.

Again, feel free to contact us for exact pricing – we use Square and Woocommerce and can create custom order and send invoice with payable link (by paypal or secure Square credit card / google / apple pay links) – to ensure you pay the fairest and best shipping costs available to us.

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