Charity Donations & Giving Back

Woolly Willow Ltd are based in Ayrshire and Ukraine. The two finest countries in the world have combined to offer wonderful, inventive, unique products. Both are sentimental creatures at heart, and both understand the importance of Karma and giving back to the country and places that we so love.

It may not be much to start, but if we grow and succeed then the amount donated grows.

On the playing cards we have put icons for various charities on the designs – for example Elaine C Smith has Breast Cancer logo, Irvine Welsh has the Prostate Cancer logo.

We pledge to give back – with full disclosure on our website of the donations we make.

Have you ever bought new or expensive food products, billed as organic and world saving, and the small print is 2 pence back per each £4 item or for every 100 cans sold we will plant 1 tree? We can do better, and have.

(Previously when running a small merchandise company in 2016/2017 Andrew managed to give over £5,000 in donations – as promised 50p from every badge sold. It made a difference).

Our company ethos is to create, give value and enjoyment to customers and also offer something new and better – and in that process keep ourselves busy, aim high and to know that we are doing something positive. Giving Woolly Willow Ltd a reason to visit parts of Scotland and to climb new Munros is also a wonderful incentive – we know doing this will not be easy (we do plan on all 282 stickers); there is admin, there is start-up costs but it is a project we are dedicated to and will give it time and effort.

We do not take anything for granted in life, our health or the cards we have been dealt – and we are not in this for the money. It is to further our abilities, to challenge ourselves and to give our wonderful Artist a wider platform.

The upkeep of the Munro Mountains are often done by volunteers and fundraisers – for each sticker or postcard we will give back! If this is for upkeep or pathways or to contribute to facilities – we will find out and donate.

Each Window Cling sticker also has wildlife associated with the Munro and surrounding area. So we will give back to the appropriate Charities.

For the Playing Cards (and non Munro products) we will donate to charities featured on the cards. Ranging from Unicef, to various Cancer charities and to the National Trust for Scotland.

Our donations will be listed and for any further information on this, any feedback, suggestions or ideas, then please do Contact us.

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