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Our research for over 3 years (!) has shown that playing cards sell well in most shops visited. Since we first used PVC playing cards and realised their brilliance and durability, gift shops all across Scotland have been quickly scanned to see what offerings they have.

Many shops do not have playing cards. Packs of playing cards sell well as they are useful and fun, and suitable for all ages. Many retailers do have paper playing cards, but almost all are one simple design on the back.

We believe our durable and beautiful PVC playing cards would sell before current offerings, and offer better value to the customer as they are more eye-catching, they will last many thousands of games, and not become dog-eared, split or stained or ruined by water.

Our cards are attractive, interesting and will make better gifts and mementos. Rather than a piper or Edinburgh castle on the rear, we have amazing Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired design, interweaving many Scottish elements, we then have 54 Scottish landmarks, famous people current and historic, foods, drinks, sports and more.

Examples of research:

When in Arran there were no playing cards available from any of the 3 shops we visited. Families were witnessed playing cards on Ferry to and from Arran. The shop owner told me they even sold out of the miniature paper packs – as there is such high demand. Had our cards been ready, then they would now be stockists.

In Forfar there was one pack of Motorhead playing cards, despite a full wall of Scottish souvenirs. Again, shop owner was interested. These Motorhead seemed scary for children to play with.

In one sightseeing trip to Edinburgh, early this year, one of the busiest shops on Princes Street (which already had various Scottish cards) stocked 10 packs. When I returned hours later they were on the counter and had sold two packs!

This is across the board, and we have looked at shops in busy tourist destinations such as Oban, Inverary, Ayr, Troon, Callander, Pitlochry, Crieff, Dundee, Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas. In between camping, climbing Munros, there are so many other smaller shops that have been inspected – many do not stock playing cards, but have camping equipment, midge repellent and many have shown interest in product range. Most I have not approached when visiting.

Now we have stock, we hope to make friends and acquaintances across Scotland and we would be honoured and proud to have our lovingly created designs stocked by retailers of any size.

Again, we can do package deals and are hopeful and confident we can reach out or visit and have products which celebrate our nation, showcased by retailers across our great Country.

Woolly Willow Ltd want to continue producing desirable and collectable products and already we have designs ready for Coasters, and more postcards. When we are in a position for a second run of playing cards, then we will change some of the images – so that each run is unique, and will listen to the feedback of retailers to include places or sights we may have overlooked.

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