Banksy Postcard 2023 - GoMA - homage

Banksy Postcard 2023 – GoMA – homage


Completely original postcard, a homage to Banksy.

Homage to Banksy’s ‘Girl with Balloon’.




Completely original postcard, a homage to Banksy.


Banksy once stated that the traffic cone on the Duke of Wellington’s head was “his favourite piece of artwork in the UK.” Clearly, as it is by the people and they love it.

I explained this story, of the traffic cone (first told to me by my Dad 20 or more years ago), when we added the Duke to Glasgow Postcard….


Victoria found out about the Banksy exhibition (his first in.. 14 years? and again in Glasgow) and she also found out where it was being held. I told her again about the Duke and this Banksy anecdote.


2 hours later, Torrie sent me this.

Limited run of postcards. I love it, I don’t know about anyone else.


Printed to perfection, CMYK on quality card stock with gloss finish.  

One will be added in with any sale for the next month or two – email any queries!


We offer worldwide shipping. Add Scottish PVC playing cards and get free shipping in this item.

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